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Hit the Ground Running made me a lot more prepared for the industry. If I were to get a job as a runner tomorrow, I would have all the tools for it and would know what to do and how to behave. The course also gave me a lot more places to look to find jobs, which opens a whole new world of opportunities. After several months struggling to find jobs, I left the course very confident that I would get on a production soon. Jessica Bergeault 




Over the two days we covered a lot of ground, from the basic structure of a drama production to the etiquette of using walkie-talkies on set, and on to how to write a good CV and different interview techniques. All of this coupled with some really unique and fun practical challenges made the two days a great experience and a lot of fun. All of this was composed and handled in a very informative, yet informal, manner by Linda. She kept things running smoothly and made sure we were all able to have our own input, as well as keeping things light-hearted and good craic.


The opportunity to listen to and talk with the various guest speakers was probably my highlight of the course. Alison and Linda did a great job of recruiting a good selection of industry professionals to come in and talk about their experiences being on a set and being freelancers. The opportunity to speak one on one with these people was very welcome and really very informative, not to mention the networking opportunities which came about as a direct result.


Thanks to this course and the brilliant people I met there, within about a week I was on a production. Thanks to everyone involved!  Donovan Gallagher




I really can’t say enough good things about the course. It confirmed a few things for me; 1. I want to work in locations. 2. I think I can make a good living in production without moving to London and 3. I need to pass my driving test! (Which I did!) And last but most definitely not least…4. Get some waterproofs! (Which I still need to do).  I would recommend this course to anyone who is thinking about production and anyone starting out. After the course finished I got offered a position on the Outlander series, working in locations! Stewart Forrest




Hit the Ground Running is a great way of finding and inspiring the next generation of Edinburgh-based production crew and preparing them to work on productions that choose Edinburgh as their location. Rosie Ellison, Film Edinburgh

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